1973 s proof set value

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1973 s proof set value

For the first time, dollar coins were included in a government packaged uncirculated coin set. These two additions raised the total number of coins per set to thirteen. The higher cost resulted in a big drop off in sales. After the record high achieved in the prior year, sales fell by nearly one million units to 1, Notably, the Eisenhower Dollars were not issued for circulation, creating a low mintage key date for the series. This was a similar situation to the Mint Setwhich included a half dollar exclusive to the set.

A few more such instances would occur for Mint Sets in the coming years. Due to the increased number of coins included in each set, the plastic disc which had been packaged with sets for the prior five years was dropped.

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The five Denver Mint coins were included in one cellophane with red edges. The six Philadelphia Mint and one San Francisco Mint coin were included in a separate cellophane with blue edges.

This was a change from prior years of issue. Eisenhower Dollars Modern Commemorative Coins.Proof coins are produced using special minting and processing techniques, resulting in coins with special finishes.

They have been sold separately in the past, and sincehave been offered only in sets although Proof versions of recent commem They have been sold separately in the past, and sincehave been offered only in sets although Proof versions of recent commemorative coins, the American Eagle bullion coins, and the Anthony dollars have been offered individually.

While coins in Uncirculated Mint sets are little or no different from those struck for circulation, Proof coins are a special breed. A Proof coin is struck on specially prepared planchets, using special minting techniques, generally on a specialized coining press. The term "Proof" means different things to many collectors, dealers and other hobbyists.

Some believe Proof is the top level of preservation, or grade - it is not. Others believe Proof coins are particularly shiny coins destined for collectors rather than circulation - they are only partly correct. Proof coins result from the same basic processes used in producing the dies and planchets used in producing coins for circulation for use in commerce.

However, Mint employees use special techniques in preparing the surfaces of the dies and planchets intended for Proof coins. Special presses and striking techniques are also used in the production of Proof coins.

The flat fields are mirror-like, reflective and shiny. The frosting refers to the white, textured, non-reflective finish found on the raised devices, lettering and other points in relief. Both the frosted and mirror finishes are the results of the special techniques used in preparing the dies.

A die features a mirror image, incused version of the finished coins design. Points that are raised on the coin are incused on the die. Points incused on the coin are in relief on the die. To prepare a Frosted Proof die, the die is first sandblasted with an aluminum oxide and glass bead compound.

1973 s proof set value

This imparts a rough, textured finish to the entire die. After the sandblasting is completed, cellophane tape is placed over the entire surface. The person preparing the die then removes the cellophane tape from around the incused areas in the die; in effect, the fields are uncovered and the cellophane protects the incused areas.

The uncovered surfaces are then polished to a high sheen while the textured finish on the incused areas is left intact. Once the polishing is completed, the die receives a light plating of chrome, two- to three-thousandths of an inch thick. The chrome is then buffed. The finished die now has mirror-like fields and textured relief, and will impart the same finishes to the coins it strikes. The planchets used to strike the Proof coins also receive special treatment.

1973 US Proof Set

The planchets are burnished in a process that tumbles them in a media of carbon steel balls, water and an alkaline soap.This item is eligible for gift options. See details. It harks back to the '70s, celebrates America's bicenntenial and features all of the Eisenhower dollar coins, the largest dollar coins ever minted for circulation.

This complete collection promises to delight collectors of all stripes.

U.S. Mint and Proof Sets

What You Get. About Collectible Coins… Treasures from around the world — delivered right to your door! Our large selection of collectible coin sets, proofs, ancient and uncirculated coins is ideal for both the novice and the experienced collector. HSN coin experts travel the world for the best coins - from the latest U. The coins were awesome in appearance but the boxes definitely showed signs of wear. Looked up price compared to other coin suppliers and this price was half off.

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Values of Modern US Proof Sets since 1936

All coin items considered for return must be in their original condition as sold. Seals and cases contribute to the value of the coin and currency collectibles and must remain intact and unbroken. Eisenhower Obverse: Dwight D. Review Breakdown 5 Star Awesome The coins were awesome in appearance but the boxes definitely showed signs of wear. Was this review helpful?Us Mint proof set values chart. Collecting of proof coins in sets is a popular part of the coin collecting community.

Dating back to these sets of coins with their packaging protect and preserve the special "proof" qualities imparted to the surface of the coins. Market values are for sets in original mint packaging such as the cellophane flat packs used and plastic cases introduced in Production of proof coins assembled into packaged sets began with the "flat pack" in Each coin was separated from the other and the thin plastic was some protection against the elements.

Surfaces of proof coins are delicate; produced using highly polished planchents blanks and polished dies to strike the coins. These highest quality examples of coins - often struck twice or more are distinguished by the mirror fields and fully raised and defined details to the design.

To complete the proof set packaging two cardboard inserts were placed either side of the plastic and an outer brown envelope contained the set. Note; these all combined, are typically collected as part of a proof set and its value. In a dramatic change to the package and presentation of the proof set began. Proof coins were now housed in a rigid plastic case. A black insert within the case held each coin separated. Embossed on the obverse of the case is the heraldic eagle and United States Proof Set in script lettering on the reverse.

The set was packaged in a blue flip box with white lettering United States Proof Set - Sturdy protection to the delicate surfaces of the proof coins was now provided by the case.

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All combined to create a nice display. These coins are presented in three separate annual sets. Expansion of the number of sets, included design changes to the set packaging as well. Between the years and proof sets and their design were modified slightly. Notably in graphics appeared on the insert within the case.

Proof coins were displayed with thematic graphics printed as backgrounds of the insert. Boxes housing the proof sets also include additional artistic images. By collecting proof sets was well established and popular. State Quarters proof sets form a very diverse collection. These sets house denominations of cents through dollar coins.

Design changes to the dollars and the nickel appear over the years. Additionally, various alloy compositions of the coins were introduced and the 50 different designs of the quarters added to the variables from year to year. Note: US mint proof sets values are dependent on both the preservation of the coins and the cardboard packaging. Highlighting the condition of the coins is first to consider. Next, followed by the condition of the case then the package.

Proof coins are produced by the mint in as close to a state of perfection as possible. Anything noticed on the coin is considered an imperfection. Look for the absence of small spots of discoloration to the surface.

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A bright, non cloudy appearance is the original proof perfection. Next examine the plastic case and judge for no scratches obscuring the view of the coins.

1973 s proof set value

Also the outer package is susceptible to wear. Nice sharp corners to the box are well received by collectors.Inthe United States Mint was in its third year of striking Eisenhower dollars, and while most were made with a copper-nickel clad metal base, some were produced with a 40 percent silver composition for coin collectors. The 40 percent silver dollars come in two varieties: an uncirculated version that was originally packed in a cellophane holder with an enclosed blue and silver token, and a proof specimen packaged in a hard plastic case which came inside a woodgrain box.

While both issues had a much lower production output than the and silver dollars, the S proof is especially scarce. The values for both the S uncirculated and silver proof dollars goes up dramatically as the coins approach the upper Mint State grades.

In fact, any Eisenhower dollar in MS or above is quite a prize. Twitter Facebook. Blog Forum Community Secure Login. Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez. Coin Info Melt Value. Date Sold: November 08, Date Sold: November 07, Date Sold: November 06, Date Sold: November 05, Date Sold: November 04, Date Sold: November 03, Date Sold: November 02, Date Sold: March 13, Date Sold: January 30, Date Sold: October 20, Date Sold: October 19, Date Sold: October 03, Comments 0.

1973 Mint Set

There are no comments posted here yet. Login to post a comment Username.These coins received no special treatment or handling by mint personnel. However, there were exceptions made for special mint sets between and due to the coin shortage. Beginning in and continuing throughcoins for the uncirculated coin sets received a "satin finish.

The U. Mint has sold coins to collectors ever since it was first founded in the late s. They contained uncirculated coins for each of the denominations that were produced for general circulation.

There was no special handling or any consideration for the quality of the coins that were placed in the uncirculated mint sets. From untilmint sets were made with coins that had a special satin finish rather than the traditional business strike finish. Coins that were struck only as Proof specimens and commemorative coins, were not included in the uncirculated mint sets.

1973 s proof set value

No official uncirculated mint sets were produced inand Any mint sets from these years were assembled by private individuals and not by the U. You can still buy the most recent uncirculated mint sets directly from the U. Additionally, many recently issued mint sets are available online or from your favorite coin dealer at near the original issue price.

If you want top dollar for your mint sets, you need to sort them and organize them so the dealer can quickly see what you have. The following mint sets in any condition, are worth considerable more than common mint sets. As such, these coins and their original U. Mint packaging should be kept together when you sell your coins. Mint Set. The actual offer you receive from a particular coin dealer will vary depending on the actual grade of the coin and a number of other factors that determine its worth.

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1973 s proof set value

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